Zeitgeist Analysis – Group #2

The zeitgeist concept that we have been discussing in class recently has really motivated me to think a little more critically about what contributes to the fashion world of “our time.” I never really thought as in-depth about how much celebrities become fashion icons or “fashion leaders” to us. Of course we are all influenced by our peers on a day-to-day basis and replicate trends based on whether or not we like what someone else is wearing, but there’s more of a praise for the celebrities and their particular fashion choices. We have the ability to “follow”our favorite celebrities on social media, where a lot of them like to post about their own personal style. Many celebrities now are posting pictures of their outfits each day and offering options to the followers that allow them to “find the look for less.” I immediately thought of this when we first started talking about “fashion leaders” and how the majority of us like certain styles that other people have brought to the table; therefore we decide to go out and get it ourselves.

olivia culpo.PNGolivia culpo2.PNG

Someone that I consider a “fashion leader” would be former Miss Universe 2012 and Rhode Islander, Olivia Culpo. Ever since winning the pageant she has remained in touch with the fashion world and has continued to model her impeccable taste on social media. When we were talking about this specifically in class, it made me realize that I actually try to replicate a lot of the trends that she has set. On her Instagram feed she posts a pleathora of pictures of her outfits where she actually finds very similar pieces so that her followers can replicate her outfit for less money. It definitely made me think about how quickly ideas are spread via social media in our time and we are more often than not replicating trends rather than making our own.


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