Zeitgeist Analysis

The Zeitgeist charts shows the significants of events, people and other factors that have an  influence in our lives. This may happen with or without even knowing that it is going on because it has become the “norm”.  For instance when we go shopping the things we end up buying most often reflect who we look up to for guidance, who we consider to be a fashion leader and what is popular when we talk about styles/trends/fabric/colors.

Heres an example of what is currently in trend; more neutral tones, simple but sleek and sexy look. Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 9.43.46 AM.png

Majority of females in”our time” would agree with me about that but agreeing where we get our influence from to say that this is “in” style or fashionable maybe different. This is all based on preference and it changes from person to person. But looking at the Zeitgeist chart it is clear to me that this family is a huge influence on many lives. As much as i hate to agree but it is true.

This image alone embodies what most inspire to dress like and even what stores like H&M and Forever21 (where a majority of people shop) try to imitate. The Kardashians names came up alot in our class discussion so this is a pretty common notion.

The Zeitgeist chart I have realized that there is a lack of originality in “our time” because we are constantly being influenced by others. This made me think deeper into my decisions and even why I wear what I do. And honestly I can say my choices are inspired by others but with my own personal flare.






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