Blog Assignment #1- Group 2- Zeitgeist II

pasted_image_at_2016_03_29_01_31_pm  An iPhone app, PS DEPT. (short for Personal Shopper Department) accommodates the overscheduled by offering access to the go-to associates at stores all around the city.  The app allows these top employees to simply message their desires to a variety of stores where the team will search their inventory and then share photo albums of the pieces that turned up for you. This foreshadows more use of apps and online devices for shopping convenience. Danielle M.

One of the strongest ideas on the Zeitgeist Worksheet was the idea that an influencer of “our time” is the smartphone and Internet. It’s easy to see how this technology has transformed the fashion world into a more accessible and readily available world for all. Many fashion designers have accepted the new role of connectedness to the public and have developed ways to stay relevant and “available” at all times.

Image result for zac posen runway       Image result for zac posen instagram

For example, Zac Posen is no longer content to just be a fashion designer. He is constantly available to the masses through judging TV show, Project Runway, and through sharing personal photos on Instagram in addition to his regular fashion designer duties! But this culture that we are in demands this type of exposure lest we forget about a person and they become irrelevant. This is why I believe that the dominating fashion idea of our time is accessibility. The more and more fashion has become accessible, the more the public has demanded it and it becomes a vicious circle. But the accessibility that may become intrusive for celebrities and public figures, has opened up the industry to inputs from everyday people who are able to watch a runway show or view a collection and instantly share their reaction. Some such everyday people providing their viewpoints are becoming famous in their own right as bloggers and style leaders. Not only do the designers receive additional sources of input, but everyday people can feel empowered to become critic as well as consumer.


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