Blog Assignment #1: Initial Zeitgeist thoughts and hypothesis

When I first saw the Zeitgeist analysis I was totally lost, I had no idea what to think other than I was not looking forward to filling it out. After sitting through class I felt a lot better, I really thought I had a grasp of how to fill out the Zeitgeist analysis but as soon as I got home and went to fill it out, I was totally lost again. I have no idea what I will find but I hope that I will uncover a new way to look at fashion and the world we live in today. I see dangers, problems, and exciting avenues of thought in every part of the Zeitgeist analysis, it is so new to me, so it is both annoying to try to figure out and exciting to be able to learn about. The most obvious thing I have noticed is the effect that technology has had on us, you could fill in most of the boxes in the analysis with some aspect of technology. I’m beginning to discover how difficult the Zeitgeist analysis really is and I am most excited about figuring out how to actually utilize the analysis without giving myself a headache.


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