Zeitgeist Analysis

As I was completing my Zeitgeist map I was unsure of how to fill in the categories. It was more helpful having a conversation with my peers in class as we discussed the categories and worked together. It was also a great way to compare thoughts and listen to different point of views. I didn’t realize that there was no right or wrong answer when completing the zeitgeist map because everyone has a different approach to fashion and as individuals we have different interest. Which brought me to my next thought, What Era of fashion are we in? And how different today’s fashion is from other eras. What I mean by that is the fashion cycle and how it repeats itself. Today’s fashion has taken the best trends of past decades and modernized them. We live in an era that accepts all approaches to fashion and it is also a sense of expressing our identity. I look forward to matching past fashion eras to today’s fashion trends.


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