Zeitgeist? Let me explain

The word zeitgeist can be translated to “spirit of time”. That being said a zeitgeist of fashion would be the spirit of fashion in that time period. Would you be able to map the spirit of fashion in 2016? Easier said than done. We live in a world where there are no longer dividing lines between trends, style icons and “IT” designers. Why is this? Who started this movement? How did the lines become so blurred? All questions that have not been solved, yet asked over and over again. The purpose of the zeitgeist map is to be able to see where the industry is going to be in 6 months or even a year. This is called futuring or better known as forecasting.

Today I made my very first zeitgeist map. Strange because I’ve always considered being a trend forecaster a possible career path. At first glance it looked like it would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong. The dominating categories were next to impossible, to be able to narrow down such a broad industry to one word. For example, a dominating social group? That could be celebrities, athletes, or even well known social media accounts. The outlets to gather fashion sense is overflowing. There are many other categories in the zeitgeist map that presented this confusion. Although it was hard to fill out, I can see this being an important tool and resource to analyze.


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