Zeitgeist Analysis

From today’s class discussion, I am beginning to realize that this analysis needs to be thought of in much broader ways than I initially expected. For example, with generational shifts, it was difficult for me to come up with something. This was because I was only thinking of events and concepts that have directly affected my life and personal experiences. A point that came up for generational shifts was the change in workplace attire. People from the baby boomer generation are more accustomed to formal clothing in a work setting, whereas younger working adults are more accustomed to a casual work uniform.

I am excited and nervous to explore not-so-obvious reasons for historical shifts in fashion. It is hard to initially make the connections between major world events and the influence on the fashion world. Even a war in a third world country can have a tremendous impact on price of goods, relationships between companies and more. Throughout this course, I expect to surprise myself in the direction that the discussions go. One thing I am excited to learn about is not just how events and people change our perspective, but why these things change our perspective of fashion.


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