Thoughts on Trend Beacons

I enjoyed this documentary, which focused on trend analysts and the secrets behind this job of ‘forecasting’ in the fashion industry. I thought it was really interesting to see how trends are actually determined. There are many misconceptions behind trend forecasting, and this documentary helped to better understand how it’s done. Like we learned in class, there can be many forms of inspiration for trend forecasting. One designer stated that trending doesn’t just come about from thin air– it comes from images in nature, pictures, architecture, paintings, etc. Another point the movie focuses on how trends are influenced by the consumer and their demands. Designers and forecasters collaborate on dictating or leading the fad, it’s not just one person saying ‘this will be a trend’, which is another common misconception that analysts speculate on in this movie.

Figuring out trends starts with looking at what was done throughout history, and what worked or didn’t work. Researching other fields can inspire or influence fashion trends that otherwise might not have been explored. In the documentary, we saw many different areas of fashion, from art to architecture. We saw the beautiful, elaborate dress made of ties by the two Dutch men, which garnered inspiration from menswear as well as art and sculpture. Seeing other elements utilized to inspire trends squashed myths that imply that trends are determined by a clear and cut process.

Another element with trend forecasting that we learned in this movie was that analysts and designers often revert back to the past when ‘creating’ trends. Nostalgia has influenced trends returning–people want to emulate the style from earlier decades, and the fashion cycle helps that happen. The fashion cycle is a huge component in trend analyzing, but it also helps with creating new looks for the future. Although this documentary insinuates that people are scared of the future, which is why fashion is constantly recycling styles that worked in the past. However, there is a lot of fascinating changes for the future of fashion that people should look forward to. 3D printing is definitely going to play a big part in the future of clothing production, and will bring a whole new trend to fashion.


One thought on “Thoughts on Trend Beacons

  1. I agree and thought it was extremely interesting how people are afraid of the future so fashion is constantly recycling styles from the past because those styles have been successful already. In our society today, we are in direct access to more knowledge, technology and opportunities than any other time in history. However, we still look at the past through rose colored glasses and forget how the past wasn’t all that great. Although the fashion industry has benefited greatly from becoming so technologically advanced, the nostalgic feeling of past fashion trends still dominate our current fashion culture.

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