Thoughts on “States of Undress”

This documentary was very interesting and like many others though, eye-opening. I thought of the globalization of fashion when connecting the documentary to our class sessions and the overall understanding for the world of fashion in different cultures. It’s also interesting to see the connecting between Niessen and the Western hemisphere of what is fashion. I thought this documentary was an overall bag full of knowledge and was well-needed for our class (and study as TMD students).

I definitely always enjoy going deep into the understand of the hijab; why it means so much to women and what it represents. Many people have the wrong connotation of such a garment and this documentary dives into the overall appearance of the Pakistani woman. A connection to the thought of differentiation and being oneself (Simmel) is definitely showcased through this documentary. Being oneself and standing up for ones belief is important in the Muslim culture, especially for women.

The idea of modesty and covering oneself to tame the image of a women is also put to question and can connect to Niessen’s view of political statements. I think that it’s important to view the fashion of this culture in various ways, in which we tackle in our course.

Everything about this culture and the documentary is in intriguing and I’d love to do some of my own research one day. I think one of the most interesting things about dress and appearance of Pakistani women is the way they make it fashionable yet still traditional. The idea of individualism is always going to be on ones mind and it’s interesting to see its interpretation come to life. It’s also interesting to see the culture in America and how the adaptation shifts and changes by the generation.

I would love if a TMD student who has yet to see this documentary take away the fact the fashion in our culture, the American culture, is a freedom of speech. We have it easy and the way other cultures define modesty is one to really look into. It’s always important to understand that fashion is different everywhere and that it’s not always about how we look to others but how we look in order to portray ourselves as our best selfs’ possible.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “States of Undress”

  1. I also thought it was amazing to see how the women in Pakistan keep the traditional type dress but also make it very fashionable. It really opened my eyes about their culture. Individualism does play a big part as well because they distinguish their own types of fashion.

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