States of Undress – Molly Welenc

I thought this documentary was extremely interesting, and helpful in understanding the globalization and diversification of fashion. I think it was interesting in watching the movie, and making connections to what we had learned in class. Niessen was the first connection I had made with the globalization of fashion and the western hemisphere of fashion.

The role of fashion and how it effects others in the community and the communities of other cultures it a major theme of this documentary. The idea of modesty in Pakistan as well as other different cultures, is extremely different than our culture, but makes sense to me how it can be so accepted in these countries.

I think this movie was extremely interesting and helped me understand better fashion in other countries, and what is accepted in other countries and how it is accepted into a fashion statement.


3 thoughts on “States of Undress – Molly Welenc

  1. I agree with you, the first author I thought of was Niessen. I think this documentary really relates to the globalization of fashion and how it was viewed in the Western world.

  2. Hey Molly,

    I think this documentary definitely showed what diverse fashion is or what it can be in different regions. Our generation is focused on keeping up with the latest trends and moving forward. In this documentary, we see a country spilt between traditional fashion and trendy fashion. The question that I thought to myself was: Does traditional fashion still exist for America?

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