States of Undress-Shauna Harlow

This movie, States of Undress was very interesting to watch just like Trend Beacons. What was portrayed in this movie was very similar to things we were learning about in class. When comparing the movie to the Zeitgeist map they both talked about how to predict fashion. If you know about different trends and forms going on in the world you’ll understand the map and the movies points. Another point the movie brought up was how important material items were to people which connects to the map and even the pervious movie we watched. Everyone wants to own a brand name item or whatever everyone else is wearing/buying. Another point the movie makes is how the internet and media is everywhere and especially in today’s generation its all we use. People would be lost without it.

I found it really interesting how the girl in the movie cared a lot about what she was going to wear to fashion week. She wanted to respect their culture but still wear something she wanted and be herself. Our culture has began to accept more styles of dress but a lot of cultures are still strict about how they want their people to dress and if they don’t dress appropriately they are looked bad upon. Something I didn’t understand and found difficult to watch is how/why men have to go to such an extreme and burn their wives when they don’t dress properly. Woman are seen as dangerous to the public if they aren’t dressed right which is mind blowing to me.

The main points I got out of this movie is that Pakistan is much more than media shows it off to be. The beginning of the movie showed how much security goes on there and drinking is illegal. Traditional styles of dress and clothing are still extremely important to them and their known to be one of the leading countries that make jeans. Just like everywhere in this world, everyone has their own individual decision to wear whatever they please, but they have a higher risk and penalties if they don’t follow dress code. Although Pakistan may seem violent there are still many great parts to it like their fashion and fashion shows!


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