States of Undress – Rebecca Nader

I found this documentary to be extremely eye opening. You were able to see first hand the world of fashion by it taking place in Pakistan. This related to our class from the globalization of fashion and varying cultures in our world. I have never studied the Muslim culture and it was very beneficial to understand more about such an interesting and different culture. It also related back to Niessan because of his study on fashion is derived from the western phenomena.

I really liked learning more knowledge about the hijab. I never understood why Muslims wore it and thought it was because they had to because of privacy and culture values. It was good to hear that it is actually empowering to women to wear the hijab. I also really found it interesting when comparing Pakistan fashion to the USA. We are constantly seeing models and celebrities, even everyday people, focused on showing more skin. Pakistan fashion is dependent on not revealing their bodies to others. Lastly, it was crazy to hear more about the risk Pakistan is at to attacks occurring at fashion shows. That is not somewhere one would feel any risk in America due to all of our security measures.

There were a few things that I wasn’t able to grasp. The film kind of went in different directions that seemed unrelated to the entire discussion they were trying to get across. For example, informing us that Pakistan often has power outages. I found that very irrelevant. However, also confusing. It is shocking to understand how they continue about their lives when you compare America’s dependency on electricity.

A main point I will take away from this documentary is the fact that Pakistan does have fashion. They are trying to be represented in the fashion world and are constantly being overlooked. I also feel terrible for the women of Pakistan who are criticized if they attempt to change their fashion. In America, we have the opportunity to dress however we please in order to represent ourselves. It must be hard with everyone in Pakistan looking so uniform and indifferent to one another. However, I did not know previously that Pakistani women are able to accessorize their outfits. I also really enjoyed hearing more about Pakistan because all we see here in our country are the bad events which make the news.

I would tell a student not enrolled in this course that there is a lot more to Pakistan than you have heard. They are very inspiring with their fashion and take great pride in their fashion shows. I would also want to relay how Pakistan makes conservative clothing work well throughout their lives and can accessorize and make it pretty very easily.



One thought on “States of Undress – Rebecca Nader

  1. Hi, Rebecca!

    I completely agree with this documentary being such an eye opening experience as well as not having learned a lot about the Muslim culture prior to this film. I also found it interesting about the comparison between the US and Pakistan’s fashion. I that the designers who opted to show more skin in their designs were a bit in contrast to their message of empowerment when women who wear the hijab do feel empowered. I think they were trying to relate the power shortages to their country not being able to grow in the denim industry because of the shortage of power.

    – Stephanie

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