Kaitlin O’Donnell States of Undress

The documentry “States of Undress” takes place in Pakastan. Thils film is based on the Pakastan culture and how these people go about everyday.  The film is based on the role of fashion and how it plays into their communitty and how it impacts their culture. I found this documenary to being very interesting as well as very eye opening. I think the most eye opening part was when they were talking about the Hijab as a religion thing. this documentry was very important for people to see especially since America has such a sterotype of certain cultures. Before watching this i wasnt even aware of the impact of the fashion that took place in Pakastan. I was conmpletly shocked. There were so many points that stuck out throguhtout the film and how people in Pakastan and fashion is more than just an everyday lifestyle.




One thought on “Kaitlin O’Donnell States of Undress

  1. This documentary was very eye opening! I was shocked about the fashion culture in Pakistan as well. I really enjoyed watching this and often connected it to the TMD culture class.

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