Trend beacons blog-alla abood

Intresting documentary, also very related to what we have had on fashion theory especially when they mentioned the zeitgeist map and how it is very important and related to forecasting the fashion. Also how fast fashion has become and we’re living in a world where fashion changes consistently. And how farecasters job is based on realizing how our world of fashion is taken and what makes our fashion and understanding the shift to a global world by social media.

It was interesting knowing how forecasters pridict trends and understand it. And how trends are being pridicted from food and architecture! Also i never realized how professional and hard thier job is, they have to travel and track many things to pridict trends and they could be wrong too.

I had a difficult understanding trend beacond for along time even before watching the documentary, because if beacons are trying so hard to pridict what the trends will be but they might be worong, then how come i see all the designers for a season collection have kind of the same theme, colors and ideas??! I find it hard to understand how they exactly do it ( forecasting ), because if they are watching what the fashion is now and the food etc, then they’re kind of looking at what we have know and I don’t get how that helps with pridicting the fashion.

I would say the three main points are:

1- trend beacons is has been going for a long time but kind of hidden and not noticed under the lights of fashion and social media.

2- farecasting is related to our world as fashion is in a way than we don’t realize.

3- I think we had a certain era when we had real fashion and it died and now old historical fashion like designs, colors and concepts are coming back in a modern look(hybrid!).

I have learned more about forecasting and how professional, difficult and serious it is. And it helped me more to understand how fashion become fashion.


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