Trend Beacons Discussion

While watching the movie “Trend Beacons” in class on 3/31, three points of connection to the course material from TMD 424 I found included: Nostalgic trend cycles – Zeitgeist, Decentralized – Lyotard, Forecasters predict the reaction of the world to predict new trends – Zeitgeist.

Three interesting things that I learned from the documentary included: Clothing makes $284 billion dollars a year for the retail industry, Trend forecasters predict trends two years into the future, and speed has killed quality.

Three points that I found to be difficult include: “Fashion has nothing to do with clothes”, If you were to see something “trendy”, in a shop you were two years too late, and transhumanism.

I would say that the three main points to take from this documentary is relevant trends over new trends, forecasting based on human reaction to the world, and fashion has nothing to do with clones.

This document was about forecasting in the fashion industry and how trends come about. We learned about what and how forecasters become inspired and what helps them realize what is going to be trendy. There is a lot more to the the forecasting industry than I ever felt was involved and is a much more complicated industry.


3 thoughts on “Trend Beacons Discussion

  1. I really agree with your three interesting points because I found those to be very interesting as well! It inspires me how incredibly wealthy the retail industry is with just clothing alone. I also agree that it is very relevant to what we’ve discussed in class that “fashion has nothing to do with clothes”.

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