Trend Beacons- Chelsea Larisa

I found the Trend Beacons Video very interesting. I think it was a good way to put everything in perspective to what we have been learning about. I connection I noticed was how the Zeitgeist map came into play, and the aspect of knowing how to look at and analyze it and being able to predict fashion go hand in hand. The map has all different trends and forms so if you can understand that you can go from there. Another aspect brought up in the film that could connect to Debord actually was how material things are so important and everything is flashy so that was another thing that could essentially connect to things we have gone over. The video all speaks about the internet and media being everywhere, and this also speaks to what Mcluhan says about how our era is connected at all times. It is all so relevant, but at the same time it is ever-changing.

I learned a lot of interesting incites from the film, one being how closely companies monitor us as consumers and how they can figure out all of our demographics and who is using what and wearing what at every age race and gender. This is so possible now because of technology and tracking on phones and media so that makes complete sense that companies are able to do that. Another interesting thing I took away from the film is that forecasters aren’t people who make the trends they are the ones predicting what is going on by whats happening around them.

Some thing I took away from this film that I did not really understand was how long term fashion could really be classic. I do not think you can really classify fashion that way and those are things that can not be guaranteed so how can they really be classic? Something I also found difficult learn was that fashion is predicted 2 years in advanced. Which I think attributes to the fast fashion aspect of our society and I think it is kind of ruining our fashion appreciation because fashion is being produced so quickly just to satisfy the trend at that time.

Something that I could take away from this film, you definitely need to be conscious of your surroundings and that is really what forecasters are. Sustainability is important and you have to find that balance with fashion. I do not think being flashy and excessive is what our society should be about and I know the film spoke about that so that is another thing I would take away from the film as well. You kind of have to think to yourself what does this really matter in a way and why this fashion is important to you as a person.




One thought on “Trend Beacons- Chelsea Larisa

  1. Chelsea! I found it interesting too, how companies and brands monitor their average consumer to get information now-a-days. I wonder that with technology always growing and enhancing, how deep into the research would these companies go? And what kind of information will they keep looking to?

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