Trend Forecasting- Allyson Ancona

I found this to be an interesting film. For me it tied together some loose ends that I had. The first thing that I found interesting was when they discussed trends as a wave, and that it is up to us to decide when to jump on and ride the wave until the end. Which is a very zeitgeist concept, we may out in our minds what is influential to us and if the trend in question fits in with what matters, then we either adopt it into our own style or we find another wave to ride. Another thing that stuck out to me was the need for nostalgia in fashion, when many of the wearers have never lived in the time where the fashion came from. People in my generation for example, never lived in the 60’s and 70’s so how can we have the need or nostalgia when we never experienced the feeling in the first place. I think that we look for the romanticized version of an old fashion. Every fashion started for a reason, we just look for the more modern meaningless version of that fashion.

Another thing that shocked me was the trend books. That people sit and create these books and then sell them to the fashion houses. That to me sounds so incredibly backwards. So say for instance that the people creating these books want to forecast a trend that their favorite designer is great at, isn’t that boosting their sales? They have to power to influence who is in and who is out.. If they forecasted that in two years we will all be wearing shredded acid wash jeans, would Chanel or Dior be as popular? It also occurred to me that the fashion design process is not as organic as I previously thought. These designers are looking at what these forecasters are saying and then being inspired by that, instead of being purely original and designing all on their own.


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