Trend Beacons Response

The film that we watched in class, “Trend Beacons” was very interesting to me and I really enjoyed watching it. There were definitely many clear connections between the documentary and the things we have discussed in class. One of the things that is an obvious connection is the idea of the “Zeitgeist”. In order to predict and understand trends, fads, classics, etc., you need to understand the zeitgeist of the fashion “world”and what that consists of. Something that was mentioned in the movie that we also have talked about in class is looking back into the past in order to understand the present and the future. Almost everything now in the fashion industry is a reflection and reinterpretation of the past, which is very interesting because we basically live in an unoriginal fashion “world”. One question that could be asked is what will the future be when we run out of things that have already been done? …when we run out of things to copy?

One thing that I found a very interesting concept, and agree with, is that you cannot create a trend, and once a trend has started no army could ever stop it. No one can think “Oh, I think I’m going to make this garment/idea/concept a trend.” A trend can be predicted and watched, but not created; it develops on its own. I also liked the idea of “ego to eco” that they discussed in the film in that designers as well as consumers are going from caring all about egos to caring all about eco and sustainability. This is something that can absolutely be seen in todays industry, and is something that I am talking about in my position paper.

Something that I found a little hard to understand or agree with is that trends should be predicted 2 years in advance. I think that this applies more to what was happening 5-10 years ago and not necessarily in the “world” we are in now. Right now we are seeing trends pop up left, right, and center and leaving as fast as they are coming. It is hard to predict/study a trend that long in advance for the fast-paced “world” we are living in now. For example, something could not be predicted at all and not even be in style, but a celebrity will be seen wearing it and next week everyone is obsessed with it and needs to have it and boom its trendy.

To explain the concept of this film to someone who has not seen it and knows nothing about fashion forecasting, there are a few key points that are of importance to discuss. Forecasting is something that requires grave attention to detail and extensive research in all areas of design, culture, fashion, etc. However, it is forever changing at an increasing rate and is incredibly unpredictable. This business is not going away and is extremely important especially for the fashion industry, it involves all people in society even if they are not aware of it.


One thought on “Trend Beacons Response

  1. Hi! I found your post really interesting to read especially the part about what will happen when we run out of things to copy, I never really thought about that and I would love to know the answer! I think its really intriguing how many past trends have come back into style in todays fashion world and a lot of fashion designs have been made just from inspiration of past designs. I also found it hard to understand how trends are supposed to be predicted two years in advance. Seems like a crazy long time right? You’re so right about a celebrity wearing something and then everyone wanting to have the same thing days later. Just like branding, people will buy brand name sunglasses or purses just because of the name or because everyone else has one.

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