Response to Trend Beacons

The documentary on fashion trends we watched in class was a great glimpse into the life of a designer, a fashion forecaster, and several others that work within the fashion realm. It was really different to see and hear a fashion forecaster explain what their job entails.

I was able to take some significant concepts away from this film, including how our history shapes our future, but at the same time our technological advancements are shaping our future. This was intriguing, because while we are looking through our past for inspiration and clues for upcoming trends, we are also predicting how the latest technology will play into todays fashion and fashions future. Another big factor that I took away from this documentary is how important it is for us to maintain sustainable lifestyles. And with this, we will demand sustainability for a fashionable future. I realized that by following through with the sustainable lifestyles, we will put an end to fast fashion. But will that also end short trends??

One quote that I found interesting from the film came from one of the designers, “We work for ourselves, not to please people”. While I like the idea that you should work for yourself, I also believe you need to take the target audience into consideration. There needs to be some acknowledgement in who you are catering your brand for so that you can judge how your audience will interact with the garments/product. Another aspect that I struggled to wrap my head around was the importance of trust. Of course trust in everyday life situations is easier to comprehend, but I wasn’t able to understand where in the fashion world that trust really matters, or is really needed?


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