Trend Beacons-Shauna Harlow

I found the movie Trend Beacons to be really interesting and learned a lot more information about trend forecasting. I saw so many similarities in the movie that we have learned in TMD 424. Hearing all the different methods and ways the forecasters went about their research was really intriguing also. I loved when they talked about the Zeitgesit as predicting early stages of trend forecasting. I was really confused when we first had to fill that chart out in class and use it for our papers but now I’m starting to understand it a lot better and how helpful it is. Branding was a big thing they touched upon in the movie that we also talked about in class. Everything is branded now a days which makes you want to buy the product. People are more attracted to things that are popular and well known. If the product isn’t from a good brand it probably sucks then, right? Or people will buy something with a good brand name even if the quality of the product isn’t that great. I thought it was interesting how the designers said we are the creators, we make it for ourselves first. This makes sense because a lot of designers design things based off what they like first. Clients have to earn your respect and aren’t allowed in your studio so your ideas and designs can’t be stolen. Pictures are an inspiration for later. Something I found difficult to understand is how fashion is predicted two years in advanced which is a little strange to me. Speed has really killed the quality in fashion and if a product isn’t out fast enough it may never be a trend. Shouldn’t quality matter over quantity?  Some main points I got from the movie was that a trend will come. It emerges and no army could ever stop it. You can not make a trend or stop a trend you can only predict one. A lot of people are becoming concerned where there products are coming from. Also if you need to find out the latest styles and what to wear make sure you read Vogue!!


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