Trend Beacons Kaitlin O’Donnell

I found the movie Trend Beacons to be really interesting. I never knew about all the trend forecasting but after the video I had learned a lot more than i thought i did. With watching the movie I saw many similarities that we have learned in our class 424. Hearing about all the ways they research. A major connection I took from the video was the Zeitgeist and how it is designed in an designers early state. I found it interesting to hear that “Pictures are an inspiration for later” and also that “what makes someone want the expensive sunglass? When they know they are really only coasting three dollars”, or that we are only buying “Names”. Branding was another thing they touched on throughout the movie and it is something we have talked about this semester. People are going to buy products no matter if they are good or bad. They want to follow the trends. But who is really setting the trends? It was neat to hear the designers say we are the creates because in all actuality we really are. We are the one wearing the product or even talking about it to get it off the racks or shelves. Something I found difficult to comprehend was how they know things 2 years in advance…. How is this even possible … how will the know it will even succeed.


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