Thoughts on “Trend Beacons” – Stephanie Poncin

Before watching “Trend Beacons”, I did not think I would have learned as much as I did. This film referenced many aspects of our course material covered thus far. First, a trend analysis and the zeitgeist was mentioned and compared to the ocean and its waves. Fast trends and networking were also mentioned in the film and they both relate to the class discussion of our world of fashion today. Lastly, Baudrillard made an appearance when nostalgia, the disappearing past and the “rose tinted” spectacle was discussed.

In addition to reviewing concepts we discussed in class, there were also many other interesting subjects we had not gone over. For example, I had no idea that forecasters would publish books for clothing companies to purchase. I previously thought that all trend forecasters would work with a company and that there was not an option of a forecasting business by itself. I also liked how the speakers in the video did not use the word “trend”, which essentially is a short-lived fad, but instead speak of it as a “direction” something is going in. Lastly, the 80% chance of a woman buying an article of clothing based on shop window displays and if her friend is wearing it was astonishing. This goes to show that we are not only influenced by what’s on the runway but more so by what is around us and our environment.

There were also some parts of the movie that I did not fully understand such as the two men who publish forecasting books. It was mentioned constantly that this is not the time of the “guru” but a collective mindset. However, these two men were extremely private with their work and prohibited others from entering the studio. I could not understand if they were stuck in the previous ways of being the next guru and wanting to have all of the answers. They could also want to be a more private group because privacy in today’s society is very hard to come by and we are becoming less private every day with new technology. I also did not understand why 3D printing in a car was necessary. I know it was running off of the car’s electricity, which the car was not getting from solar energy, but by  a car charging port. Lastly, the idea of being transhuman by 2045 was confusing to me because I did not understand exactly what they meant. Would we be able to advance in our technology to that level in a few short years?

The three main points I took away from the documentary were how important trends are in the industry, the issue of ethics and sustainability and that privacy is a new luxury today. It is crazy to think that demographics can soon be narrowed down to the individual! All of this information would be beneficial to any TMD student who has not taken this class. With the courses we have taken I belive TMD students would understand everything I described aside from the mention of authors. I recommend this film to any student studying fashion because I learned a lot about a different segment of the industry (trend forecasting) that I would not have learned about in this program otherwise.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Trend Beacons” – Stephanie Poncin

  1. I agree with how you learned more than you thought that you would, I felt the same way! I too caught on to the mention of riding the wave and connecting that with the Zeitgeist and trend analysis that we talked about in class. I did not pick up on the connection that you made between networking and fast trends that we discussed in class, but glad that I now see it after reading your post. It’s interesting how even watching the same thing that we can pick up on different things. It’s great to see how different people respond to the same stimuli.
    I also had no idea that the trend forecasters made those books and published them. I had never seen one before and had no idea that this was a thing, so glad that I do now! That would be such an interesting book to look through and learn from. I really enjoy how you mentioned the used of the word trend as in the video. This is actually something I forgot about, but was an important point. Thank you for reminding me! I agree with the 80% statistic on women buying their clothing if someone they know is wearing it. This really shows how influential others can be on what we chose to spend our money on and wear. I don’t think this is something I ever realized or was aware of.
    I too was confused on the secrecy of these two men! That is such a great point that you bring up about them being stuck in the mindset of a “guru”. This could be an example of how their egos are getting in the way of something bigger, which is mentioned later in the video. That’s a good thought and glad you picked up on that. The 3D printing scene also confused me, I did not really understand the point of it. I think it was just to showcase how far technology has come? Not sure though. Yes the idea of transhuman! 2045 is only 30 years away… I too am not sure if our technology will advance that face as it seems to not have in the past. The ending of the video where they described the amount of information that stores can get from you is another point that slipped my mind while writing my post and I am glad you included that in your main points. That is so important as it is something that can affect all of us in major ways!

  2. I was also confused by why the guys of Ravage wanted to keep their forecasting secret and not allow clients into their studio. Especially when David Shah had said that everyone has access to the same information. I guess the only difference would be their perspective/interpretation of it. Also, to build a network and have a client base they would at some point have to let these people in on what they are doing. It could help them in their process with another point of view coming into play. Or maybe it’s just as simple as they don’t want anyone taking their ideas or think that their way is the best and must keep it away from everyone until they are ready to release it.

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