End of Term Paper

For my end of term paper, I want to focus on companies that use child labor as their way to distrubite clothing to the United States. During my reasearch I have found that Walmart carries multipe brands that use child labor. Hanes being the biggest one that stuck out to me. I hope to continue my research to see if any of my clothing brands that I wear frequantly use child labor as well. More companies than we think use child labor to manufacturing clothing and during this centruy it should well be illegal in every counrty. I do not agree with it. It is hard to buy things not from other countries so I find myself also contridicting myself. Like we all own Iphones or Nike sneakers. These products are made in countires by children or very low low wage workers. It is so sad, but if we could maybe stop buying some of these major products child labor would stop. Now that I feel like i really ranted about this topic this is what I would like to do my paper on. It is a major issue in huge corporate companies and it needs to stop.


3 thoughts on “End of Term Paper

  1. This has been a problem specially for Fashion Industry since a long time, and it has been tried in various ways to come up with a solution like vendor compliance and regulatory laws. But everything has seem to fail to address to this problem. Not only child labor, and low wages has been problem but poor working conditions, and too long working hours (sometimes up to 28-20 hours per day) are also issues which needs to be addressed. It will be interesting to find out how the companies are dealing with this and what is the current status of these issues in the industry.

  2. I personally believe that this and the amount of materials wasted/energy exerted to produce the fashion industry has become the largest problems. Labor does not have to be preformed by a child nor should it be by a moral standpoint. It doesn’t just happen in fast fashion, it occurs in all spectrums of the fashion industry. The harsh reality of this is, that we must increase the prices of clothing to pay over seas factory workers the wage they deserve. I applaud you for writing about this due to being a very prominent but tough subject to touch upon.

  3. I’m glad this is something you feel strongly about. Pick a single brand and write your position paper to “sell them” on making a change. How will it benefit the brand? Why do they need to make this change? Does this brand need to actively campaign to change laws? How will they effect change?

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