End of Term: Forever 21 when fast fashion dies

Leading retailers such as Forever 21, generate sales from fast fashion trends, which currently dominate the fashion industry. A problem arises for Forever21 when they want to keep their high sales and remain a top retailer, and fast fashion dies. Fast Fashion will die because it is not sustainable. The textile and apparel industry is the second largest polluter in the world. As more consumers become aware of the effects of the fashion industry on the health of our planet and global warming the closer the fast fashion trend gets to its inevitable death. Fast fashion is a product of the attitudes of instant gratification, which has dominated the generational shift in our society.  The death of fast fashion is an alarming concern for top designers and manufactures leading this industry.

Forever21 relies heavily on social media, e-commerce and mass production. Social media and e-commerce are the most important communication channels Forever21 uses to reach their consumers. Forever21 has a consumer target market of 14 – 30 year old women. They use Facebook as a means of communication to inform customers about sales and promotions and display attractive advertisements. Social media and e-commerce are some of the best ways for all retailers to gain publicity, the opportunities are endless.

Secondly, mass production is the foundation top retailers such as Forever21 were created by. It is important for Forever 21 to have the newest trends on their racks faster than their competitors. To ensure they meet the demands of their large consumer market. Forever21 specializes in women’s basic garments and accessories. They aim to produce products with consistent quality to their consumers. However, their affordable prices justify a mistake in production once in a while. The majority of Forever 21’s customers value affordable price over higher quality.


2 thoughts on “End of Term: Forever 21 when fast fashion dies

  1. I agree that consumers are smarter about fashion and what thay want. But i how is it related to global warming and the death of fashion?
    I also agrre that forever 21 consumers value affordable prices over higher quality.

  2. Good start. What does Forever 21 need to know? What do they need to do? How? Should they begin to shift away from it before it dies? Modify the fast fashion model? Wait until it dies and then they disappear?

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