End of Term Client: Stella McCartney

For my end of term paper I will be focusing on Stella McCartney and her business/brand. It is something that I am especially interested in because I follow along with the same moral and ethical practices that she does. She is focused on stopping animal cruelty and making high end products in a more ethical and sustainable way. Her clothing is worn by people and celebrities all over the world. However, the majority of them still wear clothing from other designers that is not as sustainable and that use animal products.

One problem that I would like to discuss fixing is that she should make her clients even more aware of what she is doing to ethically change fashion, and she should help to change other designers and brands to make them more aware of this situation.


2 thoughts on “End of Term Client: Stella McCartney

  1. Hi!
    I think this will be a great topic to discuss and hopefully, find a solution for. These are two main issues of the fashion industry that keep going unnoticed. The big fashion houses are the ones who should be setting the example like Stella McCartney is doing, but I believe others need to get involved too. Chanel’s SS16 couture show was about embracing sustainability so I feel as though they are taking the first step in encouraging other top fashion houses to follow suit.

    – Stephanie

  2. Good start. If Stella McCartney sets themselves apart with their ethical stance what do they, as a brand/company have to gain? What do they have to do? How will it help?

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