End of Term Client: Patagonia – Rebecca Nader

For my end of term client I want to focus and research more on the company of Patagonia. This has been a recent company of interest for me due to their differentiation in the market.  I feel that this is a company that is going to succeed in the world of fashion today due to their mission and values.  Patagonia specializes in apparel and tools for the outdoors.  Their mission coincides with their products perfectly by giving back to the environment where their products are mainly being used.  The company gives back at least 1% of their sales to hundreds of environmental groups all over the world to help the reserve tide.  I think that Patagonia is succeeding in the world of fashion because they are giving back to the environment at the same time.  I am looking forward to digging into this company to see how exactly they go about sticking to their mission.

Another way that they are successful is the way they are placed in the fashion market.  They are on the relatively higher price range, however, their products are completely durable and long-lasting which is also apart of their mission.  People are willing to pay for products that will last them a lifetime and keep their shape, color, and size.  Looking at the zeitgeist map, we have a trend that people are being drawn more towards mixing cheap and high end products and designers together.  Patagonia is not being looked at as high end due to their products being worth the amount because of the materials used.  They are also very simplistic items striving for utility.  I think this is the new look that many are trying to achieve while looking fashionable in a reputable brand name.


One thought on “End of Term Client: Patagonia – Rebecca Nader

  1. Patagonia hasn’t been written about yet in this class, I’m looking forward to what you find. While it is important to figure out what they are doing, this paper will eventually need to find a “problem”? How could they improve? What do they need to do? Do they need to do nothing, if so – why?

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