End of Term Client: Patagonia- Michelle Katz

For my end of term client I have chosen Patagonia. I have been buying this brand for years and can’t say anything less then amazing things about their products. Patagonia builds it’s brand on quality, durability and sustainability (this is why their price range is quite high). Their merchandise is geared towards the outdoor community no matter what season or what activity one takes part in. They use sustainabile materials as well as technologically advanced materials to create quality merchandise, and this is why they have such a large ‘fashion’ follower base. I put ‘fashion’ in quotations, because Patagonia is not in the fashion industry but they dress people in the outdoors fashion industry. Their goal is comfort and for pure usage verse haute couture fashion industry’s goal being used once and for visual appeal. However, in this outdoors community ‘fashion’ industry there are competitors such as, Mermot, Northface, REI etc. and each one of these are also on the high price range with similar goals and materials used.

For this paper, I would like to touch upon the generational shift and dominating attitudes (in the zeitgeist map) that might drive Patagonia’s environmental apparel movement in another direction.


One thought on “End of Term Client: Patagonia- Michelle Katz

  1. How will you shape this into a research topic for the end of term paper? Think about what Patagonia needs to do, what do they need to do, how will they accomplish it? Why do they need this information?

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