End of Term Client – Michaela Lefebvre

For my end of term client I am choosing to focus on Free People. Initially, Free People is a favorite brand of mine and I stand by their motives and style. Free People’s style is bohemian, free-spirited and elegant. Working at a boutique that sells Free People, I have learned to appreciate the feminine style and wide range of looks. However, in today’s ‘World of Fashion’ Free People does stand in its own price tier. Most items are in the higher price category around $100 or so, and with other stores such as Zara and H&M selling similar styles, Free People may have to shift gears in the next few years to maintain  stable. Free People portrays a ‘vintage, festival’ look year round which may not appeal to everyone. There is definitely a specific target market for this company and they stand by that strongly.


One thought on “End of Term Client – Michaela Lefebvre

  1. Good start, be more specific. Identify their problems (their style. their price point, etc.), and what they need to do “switch gears”.

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