End of Term Client: Forever 21 – Alexandra Currier

For my end of term paper I have chose the clothing store Forever 21. This brand is known for its fast-fashion clothing collections. The trend of fast fashion leads to new fads coming out often, at lower prices, then shortly after the purchases being thrown away. The store provided the costumer with a wide variety or colors and sizes of clothes.

I want to focus my research on how other stores and brands are becoming more like Forever 21, picking up the fast-fashion trend. I would like to compare the pro’s and con’s of fast-fashion. Is this trend going to last in the fashion industry forever, or are clothing brands going to start leaning towards long wear fashion that is environmentally friendly.


One thought on “End of Term Client: Forever 21 – Alexandra Currier

  1. A pros/cons comparison will quickly become too broad and unwieldy and make for a very confusing position paper. Focus on Forever 21 (or another FF brand), what do they need to know? What do they need to do? Decide if they should continue the FF model, modify it, or abandon it and go from there.

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