End of term client- Brandy Melville

For my end of term client I choose Brandy Melville. Their world of fashion revolves around social media, the problem with that is the image that they portray of their perfect customer. A tall skinny light skinned girl that essentially parades around with minimal clothing on. The challenge for the future is how are they expected to grow their brand when they project discriminatory images and build walls up to keep out unwanted customers. If by the year 2020 the average american is going to be biracial, then how can they sustain sales in the years to come.


3 thoughts on “End of term client- Brandy Melville

  1. This topic will be so interesting to research and write about! Brands like this really makes you think about rude everyone in this country is. I feel like brands really stick to what they believe and a lot of the time that is not a smart business move.

  2. Good start. Think about what they need to do as a brand, why they need to do it, and how they will accomplish change.

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