End of Term Paper – Zara and Sustainability

I decided to use the same client for my end of term paper that I used for my Zeitgeist paper, which is Zara.  This time, I am going to explore the ways that Zara could be more sunstainable while producing and selling their clothing.  While researching this topic, I noticed that there were two different sides on whether or not Zara is sustainable at the moment or not.  I look forward to learning more about the way that Zara produces their clothing, and how it effects the environment.  My thesis will be “How Zara can be More Sustainable Towards the Environment”.



2 thoughts on “End of Term Paper – Zara and Sustainability

  1. OK. Good! And not only “How?” But also: “Can they?” “Should they?” and “What happens if they try?”
    “Is their market open to this move?” might also be in interesting way to phrase the question….

  2. Thanks for the advice! I was having a difficult time trying to come up with a thesis. I know I want to focus in on why they should start to be sustainable and come up with different ways on how they could be.

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