End of Term Client: Kanye West, Yeezus

I wrote about Kanye West and his battle with criticism throughout the whole fashion industry for his “clueless” fashion sense and obscene portrayal of homelessness in my Zeitgeist paper. Not to say that I personally think both seasons in his collection aren’t pretty cool (because I love them), but its definitely become very controversial. The problem at hand I want to attack is building a brand in the most efficient way; will and can it help Kanye West?

Many fashion designers can say they stand for something and how their morals affect their overall brand, but Mr.West doesn’t have just that. How can he target an audience in which would benefit his career and his overall brand? This may sound like a very broad topic and something not many would care to attack but there are many factors to help designers like Kanye West, who rise from the bottom without a single care in which the fashion world consists of. Many designers now use what is known to be their fame to dictate the triumph of their career.


3 thoughts on “End of Term Client: Kanye West, Yeezus

  1. Khody,
    I too am writing about the brand I chose for the Zeitgeist paper. I am interested in hearing more on what you have to say about Kanye’s fashion line and if building a brand will benefit him in anyway. Kanye is an interesting men, which shows in his fashion line. Do you think that his line is mainly controversial due to the huge price tag with the “homeless” look?

    • I definitely think a lot of the controversy is due to the fact it is overpriced for such an obscure line. That’s something I definitely want to attack as well! Thanks Gabbi!

  2. Good start, but you will need to narrow down the focus. Keep in mind that the target word length is only 1600 words. Find an aspect of this problem to tackle.

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