End Of Term Client: J.Crew

I wrote about J.Crew for my Zeitgeist paper as well. Before, I spoke about how J.Crew is a style leader and a fashion look, all the while having a strong standing in the market segment and popular culture. This time I would like to take a different approach and talk about J.Crew’s sustainability. So far I have only been able to research what is on the surface. “At J.Crew, we believe that we have a responsibility to our planet and that it is important that we make as little impact on the environment as possible.” As nice as that sounds, I have no idea what they have done to create as little an impact as possible. They do not make it as well known as some other brands have. I am aware that J.Crew has been working on developing five different programs in areas such as waste minimization and energy efficiency, but I am going to delve deeper and see if they are all talk or if they are actually consistently working on taking strives to having a greener company. Here’s to hoping they have indeed worked on becoming a more sustainable company, as I feel that nowadays people will turn away from companies that are not putting the earth first. Therefore, this should be important to them as they now know how much one lousy, lazily constructed sweater can severely hurt their revenue and have customers creating angry blog posts.


3 thoughts on “End Of Term Client: J.Crew

  1. I definitely agree that people will turn away from clothing companies that are not environmentally friendly. It is something that can be done with ease and when companies do not practice this sustainability and says that they do this is not okay. J. Crew is a good topic to look into.

  2. I really like the topic you chose with J. Crew as the company! This relates to my topic on company’s becoming environmentally friendly. It will be interesting to see if people really do care about that more now and if it is directing them towards different stores like Patagonia. I agree that a lot of companies say a lot of things that they don’t actually do so it will be good to research if the store’s company mission is actually true. A comparison of other environmental friendly clothing stores and J.Crew will be really interesting to see!

  3. Rather than focusing on “are they doing what they say they are doing,” focus on what they need to do. How to do it, why it should be done, etc.

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