End of Term Client: Free People- Chelsea Larisa

For my end of term client I chose the clothing company Free People. Free People goes back to the 1970s where is was created to give the youthful and the younger generation a little freedom in the clothes they wore. Free People used to exclusively be sold at Urban Outfitters. The creator of Free People saw the opportunity that his line was well liked their and soon separated into a business of his own. For a while Free People took on many different personalities of brands; Anthropology, Bulldog, Ecote.

Free people has tried to establish an image towards women. The image of femininity, spirit and courage. They then ventured toward women in their 20s, creating a brand that implies creativity, individuality, intelligence while still being affordable and great quality. Free People also offers a laid back look and even can offer a Tom Boy look, they’re styles are so eclectic and different and in a way everyone can find what they are looking for.

I think my topic will center around the idea. Is Free People going to survive in our generation because of fast fashion. Free Peoples prices are on the higher end and with our generation we have places like H&M, Forever21 and Zara and those are just a few. They offer similar fashion but with lower prices. Free People always revolves around the same kind of style. While on the other hand all of these Fast Fashion stores are ever changing with the fashion. Will Free People continue to have success?




3 thoughts on “End of Term Client: Free People- Chelsea Larisa

  1. I definitely think Free People could succeed, depending on the rate in which they increase their brand. They seem to always focus on a certain lifestyle, maybe something “hipster chic”. Lifestyle is important for every brand and I think they portray that very well. Something to think about…

  2. I personally love the clothing and accessories from Free People! I love the look of it all and it really resonates with me. Being a college student with limited funds, I always walk right by it in the mall knowing that I cannot afford anything in there. If the clothes were more affordable, I would definitely be one of their best customers. I think that the angle you have chosen to research further is great. The question of whether or not Free People will survive because of the other companies making more affordable versions of their clothes is truly important. I know that it’s something I am familiar and believe that many others are as well. Can a store with one central style and pricey items really make it in the type of world we are living in now? Such a great question and you truly picked the perfect company to use!

  3. Think of this as the CEO of Free People coming to you and asking “what are we going to do about this fast fashion thing?” Rather than looking at IF Free People can survive, consider what they need to DO to survive. What sets them apart from the fast fashion brands, how can that be used to their advantage?

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