Blog #3 – Chanel and Sustainability

The thought of eco-friendly designs and sustainability being the concern of a Parisian fashion house has always been in the back of my mind. Can they achieve this and how? Will it be able to be utilized in their haute couture lines as well?

The world of a luxury brand is typically kept from sinking due mainly to their perfume sales. By making this act more eco-friendly (maybe less packaging?) it would impact so many more customers than the clothing lines. Chanel’s seasonal lines do however serve as an outlet of expression, especially the haute couture, to mould the fashion world into what they want to be stylish at that moment in time. They did just that for their SS16 haute couture line this year by using biodegradable materials for each garment.

This small act will start a trickle down effect on the rest of the fashion world. The fashion bloggers who recap the shows on their blogs will send the sustainability message down the fashion chain. Then, everyday people who read their blogs will realize that if a top haute couture fashion house is embracing sustainability, we should be too. Could we think of those who have already embraced sustainability in their clothing choices as the bohemians of our time? With Chanel embracing eco-friendly clothing, could it mean it’s going to be too mainstream for the bohemians?

Some food for thought about this act of sustainability in the world of haute couture:

“Ever eager to embrace zeitgeist, Lagerfeld noted, “At the moment, sustainability is part of an expression of our times.” ”


One thought on “Blog #3 – Chanel and Sustainability

  1. A few thoughts, why should sustainability be important to them? What do they, as a company/brand, have to gain? How will this be accomplished? Keep these thoughts in mind as you narrow your focus.

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