End of Term Client Topic – Molly Welenc

For my end of term client, I chose to focus on Forever 21, and their target market. Forever 21 has always had a wide range of different fashion and style of clothing throughout their stores, but recently they have been trying to branch out and reach out to many different people and demographics. Forever 21 has always tried to have something for everyone, in many different aspect of their lives from professional clothing, like blazers, to party clothing, like club attire and cocktail dresses.

Up until recently Forever 21 has not had a huge demographic. Forever 21 had recently created a plus sized section, and even more recently expanded that plus sized section to have even more options available. In addition to the plus sized section, forever 21 added children’s wear, active wear, and contemporary wear, for their more fashion conscious clientele, to be sure their is something for everyone.


2 thoughts on “End of Term Client Topic – Molly Welenc

  1. I think this is actually a great client and analysis for its brand and its target audiences. Forever21 has definitely become one of my favorite retailers, for reasons any college student would agree with! I love how they’ve expanded their brand, but is this a good or bad thing for them?

  2. Good start, now narrow the focus. What do they need to know about brand expansion? Why should they expand or not? How should they expand? Should they continue to expand? Keep questions like this in mind as you develop your topic.

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