Reflection on First Fashion Moments – Gabrielle Thibault

Looking back at my own Fashion Moment video I spoke about how I first became interested in fashion and realized that it was an important topic to people (the ones giving us the essay instructions) back in middle school, it may have even been as early as fourth grade, when we were all being taught how to write essays. The go-to essay topic every year always seemed to be about school uniforms and whether or not all schools should have them. That was when it really struck me that my mother and I were not the only people who cared about what we were going to wear that day or the next day, that it was a big enough topic that so many people connected to and so many lives revolved around. Watching the videos my peers posted on their first Fashion Moments, I noticed a lot of us have touched on very similar topics.

The four videos that I watched were by Gian, Greer, Jean and Kaitlin. I especially like how in Gian’s video he tells about how fashion has mattered basically as far back as he can remember. There was never one true defining moment for him on the importance fashion; it was always important to him. He spoke about how his family, especially his Uncle, always presented themselves with pride. Watching Gian’s video made me wonder if the example I gave about writing essays and the topic of school uniforms was actually the defining moment for me as I always loved to play dress-up and sneak into my room to put on her lipstick. Gian ended his video by stating, “fashion as always been a fundamental part to my identity”. I really like this phrase and how it perfectly sums up his video. Greer also touches on the topic of realizing that fashion is a way to express yourself and is a tool in how you want others to perceive you without actually saying anything. She, like Gian and I, also realized fashion was important much earlier than middle school.

Jean brings up again the fact of how having someone in your life, in her story it was her babysitter, and how their choices in fashion can really affect your own especially at a young age. She was the first one of the three of us to really touch on social media, especially back when Facebook was new, and how there was always the need to post the best profile picture. Kaitlin is the first one to mention how her first fashion moment was actually after middle school, in eighth grade. She could remember the outfit she wore on the first day of eighth grade and how it was all white with a pop of pink.

These videos are a perfect example of how as young adolescents we all felt that strong desire to fit in and do anything besides stand out from the crowd. We no longer wanted our parents to have a say in what was hanging in our closets. We wanted to wear Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and Hollister’s graphic t-shirts just like all of the other kids in our classes began doing. All clothing decisions during middle school were very brand-conscience. It was something that had to be done in order to receive acceptance from your peers. I do love how that now that we are all older we no longer feel that way. We wear clothing that we feel confident in, clothing that helps us convey our own personal statements. It really is interesting to hear of everyone else’s stories reflecting on the past. It really proves that fashion is a hard topic to define and attempt to fit into one category.


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