First Fashion Moment Reflections

I really enjoyed this assignment and I found it very interesting to read everyone’s responses in the videos. I feel like there are more similarities between us all than differences, which is something to think about. For the most part, we all realized that fashion was important to us in the younger parts of our lives, mostly around middle school and pre-teen years.

Looking at the videos that were posted after mine I found many similarities in how we expressed our first fashion moment. I related to Jean’s video when she said that she looked up to the “older kids” like her babysitters. I definitely relate to this and can remember trying to be just like my babysitters and my older sister, trying to dress like them, act like them, etc. I find it funny now that I try to not be like anyone else in the way that I dress. I look up to people and have inspirations, but I like to differentiate myself from others.

Kaitlyn’s video was interesting to me as well because she talks about her first day of 8th grade. I thought this was very relateable because I can remember feeling nervous about first days of school and picking out my outfit the night, or even weeks, before the big day. Even up into high school! I think that this relates to my video because it shows that people pick out certain garments in order to express themselves to their peers.

Kate’s video also had many similarities to mine in that she talked about middle school and earlier years when she really started to become interested in fashion. She feels the same way as me in that we use clothing to express ourselves and it is a form of putting yourself into the world without having to say anything.

Khody’s video was similar to mine in that he talked about being in middle school when he realized that fashion was a big part of his life. I like how he talked about how he always knew that what you looked like mattered, or played a role in the world. As a male there are definitely many differences than how females present themselves to the world and use fashion to express themselves.

I really enjoyed watching everyone’s videos and I think it’s interesting to find that almost all of us realized our fashion potential and interest in middle school, and I wonder it this is true for most of society, or people in the fashion industry. It is interesting to think of the variables during this time that would effect our thinking and outlook on fashion and self expression.


One thought on “First Fashion Moment Reflections

  1. Hi, Greer!
    I definitely agree with you about all of us having more similarities than differences! I think the only major difference I noticed when watching the videos was that we are from various places. I myself also had my first fashion moment in my pre-teen years like you also mentioned. I feel as though this phenomenon of ‘defining’ ourselves so early in life has got to have a connection to the readings we have been doing and also the Zeitgeist paper!

    – Stephanie Poncin

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