First Fashion Moment Reflection – Nupur Sardana

I really found this assignment interesting, as I enjoyed watching through most of the videos. I could see many similarities and differences in relationship to my first fashion moment. One thing interesting I noticed was that for most of us the first fashion moment was related to dressing up for school, which was a daily routine and not just a special occasion. It was interesting to know that how we accepted fashion to be part of our daily life first rather than fashion being just for special occasions.

Rebeca’s first fashion moment was also like mine about dressing up for school. She got inspired by her elder sister to buy brands and labels. For me, my peer group was a great influence of what labels and brands I bought at that time. Rebeca claims that by 6th grade she had her own style, for me I guess I had my own personality reflected in my way of dressing was in 8th or 9th grade. Also, for me what mattered more were accessories that branded clothes.

It was interesting to listen how Shaun was inspired by the older girls in her dancing class and school. I could see difference in the fact that Shaun wanted the same clothing that others were wearing to fit. On other had where I was wearing uniform as others did in my school, I wanted to accessorize myself to stand out of the group. I also agree with her statement that we do not need money to look good.

The outfit that Stephanie recreated which she liked was really interesting, and the two different reaction to the same outfit. The reactions from her sister was on a negative side, while her friends didn’t react much on her outfit. This actually illustrates that one fashion that you wear has different meanings and perceptions in others mind. I could relate to this because the rings and bracelets I use to wear to school my older cousin sister use to make fun of, while my class mates adored my collection.

Lastly, Abigail also talks of similar fashion moment where she saw everyone wearing gap pull-overs, and how kids use to feel left out and not belonging to the group when they lost their sweatshirts. This actually give me insight to how much belongingness is important. I as a student wearing the same uniform gave me a sense of belonging to the group, but with a little personized style of wearing it I tried to achieve balance between belonging to the group, but putting across my personality with little things.

It really differs what fashion is to you and people around you. For some it can be to belong to certain group, and for some it could be taking control of their things and doing them their own way irrespective of people around them.


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