First Fashion Moment Video Reflection: Casey McGarvey

I found it very interesting watching my classmates videos on when they felt as though they first realized fashion mattered to them. I noticed many similarities among what everyone had to say, especially the fact that each video that I watched, the individual claimed to have developed an interest in fashion for whatever reason as a young, adolescent.

My personal video related a lot to Chelsea’s. We both said that 6th grade was when we first realized fashion mattered. Like myself, Chelsea also said that it was around this age when she wanted to start picking out particular clothes for herself with specific designs or labels such as Abercrombie and Hollister wear because it was “cool.” I completely agree with her also when she says now the styles she chooses to wear, such as jeans are chosen based on comfort and if they are cute and less about the “cool” status quo label.

It was very interesting to me to see that Elizabeth became interested in fashion a little later around 8th/ 9th grade. She says that prior, she was shy and didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to herself and just wore what she was comfortable in; band t-shirts and jeans. Also she claims to have gotten into fashion less of because what was “cool” but more because she wanted a new way to truly express herself. I found it interesting that she immediately turned to magazines such as teen vogue to mimic their way of telling a story about themselves through fashion. When entering high school she wanted to use fashion as a way to change others perceptions of her from the “shy, quiet girl” and rather to show her personality.

Gabrielle as well took an interest in fashion at a young age in elementary school when given an essay question debating the pros and cons of school uniforms. She said that she understood that the uniformity helped keep everyone appropriate and on the same level, yet, limited kids from being able to express themselves and show there personality. This was when she realized how important it was to her to be able to express herself through fashion.

Lastly, Gian, like Gabrielle took an interest in fashion at a very young age as well. He links this back however to his family. He explains how he was intrigued by the way his uncle dressed in dress close and the way in which he was noticed, respected and remembered. Although other kids were going to school in more casual attire,Gian preferred to wear dress pants, shirts and shoes to stand out.

It was so interesting to me to see that everyone began to realize fashion mattered at a young age but for different reasons. Some, to fit in, others to have the freedom to express themselves or to stand out among the crowd. I was very surprised to find that Gian was inspired at such a young age by his Uncle wearing dress attire. This is inspiring to me how regardless of what the other kids at school were wearing he wanted to make an impression that would differentiate him from the other students and have him be remembered. To me, that reflects confidence and pride in himself. I think overall, this means that fashion is a huge part of our lives and influences our attitudes, beliefs, actions, behaviors and choices and shapes us into the individuals we are today starting at a very young age.




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