First Fashion Moment Reflection – Rebecca Nader

When reflecting on my classmate’s first fashion moment videos, I was very surprised. It was fascinating to see that we all have similarities as well as differences when remembering our first fashion moments. The four videos that I observed were from Shauna, Stephanie, Abigail, and Alex. I found that all of our stories were quite different but they overlapped a few times as well.

For starters, Shauna experienced her first fashion moment in elementary school, just like myself! Shauna’s story actually sparked a memory that I had forgotten to mention in my video. I have danced since I was very little as well and the dance studio was another large part of realizing fashion matters.  At dance studios you are surrounded by people of all ages so I recall, like Shauna, how I would try and mimic girl’s outfits the following week at dance because I thought she looked cool.  Shauna also mentioned how big she was into magazines like Cosmopolitan and Seventeen which did provide influences on what are the current fashion trends.

Stephanie’s story was really inspiring. Her memory of her first fashion moment is extremely vivid and I thought that was really amazing how detailed her memory was of the first outfit she chose to wear all by herself. She also shared how music could have influenced her choices of outfits simply because of what she was listening to at that time. I found that very true because music really can make a huge impact on your decisions or mood at that specific moment.

The third video that I watched was Abigail’s.  A trend that I noticed is how a lot of my peers are saying that it was in elementary school where they realized fashion and what you wear everyday does matter. Abigail’s story was of how you weren’t able to ‘fit in’ unless you were wearing a GAP sweatshirt with the logo going right across your chest. This is similar to my story of how the only shirts I would wear in fifth grade were ones that had the brand name going right across the front of my shirt. I agree with Abigail that growing up was full of various fads that you had to be apart of in order to ‘fit in’.

Last but not least was Alex’s video. Alex really differed from myself and the other peers video’s. Her first fashion moment was during freshman year of high school when she was much older. However, similar to others, Alex was very influenced by the older people around her because we all seem to have this same idea that if you’re older, you know what you’re doing and what you’re wearing is cooler than someone your own age or younger. She became more conscious of what she wore everyday because it is quite possible, especially in high school, that someone will judge you. I can relate to this story because I too was always aware of what I wore in high school so that I fit in and wasn’t looked at differently by others.

As I stated before, the five of us have similar but also very different stories. Before starting my reflection I assumed that all of our stories would be exactly the same. I am now very fascinated by my peer’s stories as it sparked some more memories that I did not think of before! This makes me think that fashion varies from everyone’s point of view and it is such a broad term that anyone can define it in an entirely different way but still be correct. The idea of fashion does not seem so abstract until you hear other people’s stories and ideas and it truly opens up a topic of discussion that could go on forever!

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