First Fashion Moment Reflection

After watching other students’ first fashion moments, I found a lot of similarities to my experience and background with fashion. For the most part, I think everyone started to realize they were interested in fashion around 10-13 years old, when expressing yourself through dress and appearance started becoming relevant. I agree with Michelle Katz’s video, that the idea that in middle school, physical appearance and fitting in was very important, and this is when people first started to worry about how they were perceived by others.

Some other important notes that some students touched upon was wearing brand names and labels to school, and how that kind of became a thing to do. I can remember being in middle school and wearing the new Abercrombie & Fitch graphic tees and noticing others were wearing it too, and I was getting complimented on what I wore. That was another similar thing everyone kind of talked about– when we started wearing brands and expressing ourselves through dress, others noticed and complimented our style, and I think that propelled me as well as others to explore the fashion world and one day become a part of it.


One thought on “First Fashion Moment Reflection

  1. I agree with your reflection in that middle school seemed to be the time in which almost all of us realized fashion and what you wear is important. I agree when you say that this is the time when we noticed that people cared about what other people look like and took this as a way that we are perceived. Name brands and labels definitely had a big impact in middle school and I think that they still have an impact today, however in a more subtle way; for example people are not plastering logos all over themselves anymore.

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