Chelsea Larisa – First Fashion Moment

I really enjoyed watching all the videos. Growing up as a 90s kid it is cool to see the differences and similarities of when we realized fashion mattered to each of us.

Elizabeth speaks about how fashion really started to matter to her in about 8th and 9th grade. She was interested in fashion magazines, for inspiration to dress differently. She used this magazine to get a lot of her ideas for fashion, and I really enjoyed the example she used about the jacket she saw in the magazine that was covered in brooches and pins. This influenced her  to create her own version of the jacket she saw. Our experience was different, because I never really knew about these magazines when I first started caring about fashion I was a person that copied everyone else around me instead of creating my own fashion like Elizabeth did.

Gabby’s experience was a little different she realized fashion mattered at a much younger age. She spoke about how she was given an essay topic that you could choose from and she chose one about school uniforms and that’s when she really realized that she cared. She spoke about how she realized that she cared what she wore to school everyday and how it was important to her to be unique in what she was wearing.

Gian Carlos video was very different, he said he cannot remember one moment when fashion started to matter, it has always been a prominent feature and interest in his life. His family was very well dressed growing up and Gian noticed that growing up especially his uncle who he noticed got attention for how nicely dressed he always was. His favorite memory growing up seemed to be when he spoke how going back to school shopping and trying all different types of clothing in the dressing rooms. He stood out in school and did not dress like the other children at his age and the teachers and other parents and students did notice.

Greer’s first experiences with noticing fashion was in about middle school. She speaks about how she realized that fashion can make you feel a certain way about yourself. It can give you all different confidences and make you feel like a better person. She believes that the way you dress can show the type of person you are and that it is a form of art, it can express things that you do not even have to say. Ever since she realized all these things that when she really started to think about the way she dressed and what it meant.

All these videos were different , it was inspiring to hear each story. A few of the videos were about how they wanted to be different and fashion gave them that chance to be different and dress how they wanted to. Also very interesting to see the different ages in which it affected everyone was interesting to see. Some it was relevant their whole life others it seemed to be around the middle school period in their life. It think what this all means is fashion is such a huge part of our lives from day one. It may not matter to someone until a certain age but whether you know it or not it is still relevant and important. It is something that changes all the time and Greer spoke about how it can define you as a person. I think that point is really important because everyday we see people dressed in all kinds of different ways and we interpret it all differently.


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