First Fashion Moment Reflection

After watching my classmates first fashion moment videos, I realized that many of us had similar reasoning as to how and when we realized fashion had first became important to us. Although we all had our own independent experiences, they are also similar in some ways because they made us realize fashion was truly important to each of us and that is something that we can all share together.

Nupur’s fashion moment video was somewhat similar to mine since it all started in middle school around the same age, and involved our independence and expression of ourselves through fashion. Although, I was not required to wear a uniform in school like Nupur, I can understand why that would make her want to branch out, fashion wise, similar to the way I wanted to branch out from my mother picking out my clothing and deciding to wear something that made me feel like an individual.

Rebecca realized fashion was important to her exactly when I had realized it too (in 5th grade) which I thought was interesting. We started trying to figure out our own style and become individuals. Rebecca has an older sister who she looked up to especially fashion wise, which I thought was a good, because she had someone she could look up to and knew fashion trends as well. When Rebecca started figuring out what clothing fit her style best, she felt confident which is similar to how I felt when I started picking out my own clothes because you finally feel like your your own person and comfortable in what your wearing.

Shauna first realized fashion mattered was when she started noticing what the older girls around her were wearing, and intrigued her to set out a fashion style of her own, and fit in. Like Nupur, Rebecca, and myself, middle school also had a major impact on Shauna’s life and fashion. She started to care more about her appearance and brand names similar to our experiences. Before then, she had gotten hand-me-downs like me, and I can understand why that had made her want to create her own identity.

Stephanie realized that fashion was important to her in the fourth grade, which was earlier than I had realized it. Stephanie, like myself and my colleagues was inspired by fashion around her and made her realize how important fashion truly was, Although it was not over time, it was an instant experience at a Museum in Connecticut. Music is a major part in her inspiration process which I thought was cool because I never saw music in that way.


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