First Fashion Moment Reflection – Stephanie Poncin

After listening to my peer’s First Fashion Moment videos, I have realized how similar, yet very different we all are from each other. In my video, I spoke of the time I decided to wear a red plaid skirt over a pair of bootcut jeans and a baggy t-shirt. I was initially excited to wear my outfit until my older sister questioned it, making me feel embarrassed the day I wore it. I wanted to be different and seem ‘cool’ to my friends but I eventually realized after covering up my awkward outfit that they did not care about what I wore. My sister, in middle school at the time, was the one that made me care about what I wear as well as what others wear.

The four videos that I watched are from Abigail Haslett, Alex Currier, Ali Cerasuolo and Alla Abood. As I previously mentioned, we all have similarities in our stories. Abigail, Alla and I all had this experience at a young age, around elementary school. Another similarity is mentioned in both Alex and Ali’s videos when they said that what you wear makes an impression on others. I wanted to seem ‘cool’ to my friends while they paid no attention to it. Alla also mentioned in her video that she would pick out her own outfits between the ages of 5 and 6 which was when I started to pick out my own outfits as well. As Ali mentioned, we dress a certain way to have a sense of self, which is what each of us was figuring out in our first fashion moments. Alex takes this statement further in her video when she says that we became more conscious of fitting in because people were judged for being different. The same thing happened to me when I was essentially made fun of by my older sister and I never wore that outfit again.

Some differences arose as well while I watched these videos. First, Abigail mentioned that the popular item was having a GAP sweatshirt and realizing it was a fad. When I had my first fashion moment, we did not have a current fad or trend going on with a specific brand. It was much later in middle school when I noticed the fads of Juicy Couture tracksuits and Ugg boots. I also realized that both Alex and Ali had fashion moments later in life than Abigail, Alla and I had. Contrary to Alex, I never went to my older sisters for fashion advice because we were all so different. Finally, I got more of my inspiration from watching TV shows when I was younger rather than from the extravagant gowns of the princesses that Alla dreamt of.

All of these similarities are what bring us together as the differences show how we are from very different places. It is quite interesting to learn how we are different while having the same interest in the fashion world. Fashion is a part of each of our lives and it brings us all together.


One thought on “First Fashion Moment Reflection – Stephanie Poncin

  1. I like at the end how you related each story to each other and made it clear that regardless of where you guys are from and how different each person, you all have something in common that can bring you together!

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