Fashion moment reflect

Now after hearing my peers fashion moments, i feel we are all kind of similar in term how we felt and lived through our fashion moments. I come from a completely 100% different culture, but what i heard is as exactly the it was for us. Fashion is a major factor in our lives when we were young more than ever i believe. It shapes us, gives is identity and being. The more fashionable and trendy we are, the more we fit, feel confident and appreciate ourselves.
Listening to Allyson’s made me sad because i had a similar experience when i was 15. However it shows how fashion is a major part of our personalities and feelings also.
I enjoyed listening to Andrea’s because i have curly hair two and ugly pony tales growing up, it pulls my head and hurt me and didn’t look good either. I still don’t like them they give me headaches. “I Am the boss of my own of my own hair” i wish i thought of that instead of trying to take off the hair tie.
Briana’s video high light an important point that specific brand are trendy, no matter their fashionability level.
I totally agree with caitlin’s in what fashion reflect, how she mentioned that fashion express our selves and speaks for us. Here i am, this is me and what i do.
I would like to to add to caitlin’s thoughts, i really hate it when people say you should not judge people for how they look. Will we live in a world of fashion and for fashion, and we can fit in certain groups upon the way we appear. Its not final judgment to me but i defiantly rely on that.(personal opinion).


One thought on “Fashion moment reflect

  1. I think it is really interesting how all of the class can relate to experiences at such a young age weather it as from a school uniform, your parents still buying your clothes , or even just having your own ideas in what goes with what.

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