First Fashion Moment Reflection: Michelle Katz

After watching my peers videos, it became apparent to me that we all shared a similar ‘first fashion experience’, one that consisted of fitting in. This fitting in was a crucial for all of us around the age of middle school, due to this being such a fragile time in our lives of finding who out who we really are as individuals. Similarily, we all wanted our own identity, seperate from our moms who previously dressed us, and this began by looking to our classmates and other fashion outlets for inspiration.

Similar to myself, Molly’s first fashion moment occured in middle school and prior to that her mom picked out her clothing. She decided that she wanted her own identity when she started realizing that her classmates were doing the same.

Nupur and I had different first fashion experiences. Her first fashion moment was in 8th grade. Nupur was forced to wear a uniform to school, so this lowered her ability to differentiate herself from her peers. So, her only outlset were accessories- rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. After hearing her video, it made me wonder how my style would have evolved if there was an enforced dress code at my school.

Rebecca on the other hand, looked up to her older sister for inspiration. She began buying clothes at brand name stores like Hollister and she recieved great reviews from her peers. This helped her morph her identity and come into her own style.

Shauna’s first fashion experience occured earlier then mine. In elementary school she danced, and this was her first moment where she wanted to fit in with the other girls, so she bought the same tights and leotard as them.

Although there were some differences in our first fashion moments, there were many similar situations that unfies us all. This leads to the fact that its human nature to be compelled to fit in with the crowd and be percevied in a positive way by others.


One thought on “First Fashion Moment Reflection: Michelle Katz

  1. I completely agree with you when you say that similar situations have unified us. I feel like a certain amount of uncertainty about ourselves was necessary to make us appreciate fashion in the way we do now. Feeling like an outsider, or wanting to be in a certain group of people make a switch flip in our heads that, yeah this matters and to me and I can make it what I want.

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