First Fashion Moment: Giancarlos Deleon

After reviewing the commentary of peers in regards to their first fashion moment, I was surprised by how much our sentiments had in common. Truthfully, I did not expect to have such similar thoughts about fashion and when we realized its importance.

Greer’s comments were most similar to my own fashion moment video.  Her fashion moment was in elementary school like mine. At this point in time she was able to see the influence of fashion on perception. Greer mentioned that she thought it was amazing how fashion could transform the way someone felt about themselves, and how others felt about  them. Through fashion, she said, one could express themselves and present themselves to the world the way they would like to be received. I also discussed how I acknowledged and admired the way my family was able to dress themselves in order to present themselves in a specific strategic manner.

Jean’s discussion of her first fashion moment centered on the influence of others on her interpretation of fashion. She said that she always emulate the older figures in her life and she looked to them to understand what is “fashionable.” Although I did not expand on this in my own video, this is a integral part of my fashion moment. The family that I saw dressing themselves fashionably were older than me. My uncle Dolphin was a grown man, and he became my fashion role model at an early age. I looked to him and his style to understand what I fashionable and how I could use that style to present myself a certain way.

Kaitlyn also entails how she realized fashion was important through presentation. She remembers the feeling she had her first day of 8th grade because of what she wore. She presented herself in a certain manner – with the pink purse – which made herself feel like a woman. Then she spoke about getting the on the bus and seeing everyone else in their new clothes and processing how they wanted to present themselves.

Kate’s fashion moment was around middle school like Kaitlyn. She realized fashion was about presentation and how to express oneself as a means of communicating your identity to the world. Fashion shows who you are  to the world – or who you would like the world to think you are.

All of of my colleagues and I unanimously realized fashion was important when we realized how it could change the way we feel about ourselves and how people perceive our identity based on our presentation.


One thought on “First Fashion Moment: Giancarlos Deleon

  1. Hi Giancarlos! I was also surprised when I watched the videos and realized how much we all had in common with our first fashion moment. For many of us, I feel like we realized it during elementary/middle school since that is when we can finally have a say in what we wear. Also, I liked that you mentioned looking up to family members, like your Uncle, for fashion advice. I also looked up to my Aunt Maureen as I was growing up, and I’ve always admired her sense of fashion.

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