First Fashion Moment: Elizabeth Beasley

I watched the videos of Gabrielle, Gian, Greer, and Jean.  I feel like for all of us the common denominator of our first fashion moment was during middle school.

Gabrielle mentioned that for her that moment was while having to write an essay dealing with school uniforms. I know I have had to do an essay like that in middle school; I remember thinking as nice as it would be to not have to think about what to wear to school, it was even nicer to express myself through what I wore.

Gian mentioned how much pride he had in picking out his wardrobe for the upcoming school year. I can relate to this because for me the first day of school, especially in high school, was one of the most important days when it came to fashion. For me, I felt like the outfit set the tone for the rest of the year, and I can tell you every detail of what I wore the first day of school for all four years of high school.

I related to Greer a lot in that my clothing transforms how I feel and the message I send out to everyone else. She said that it can express so much without you having to say anything, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m more on the quiet side so for me sometimes clothing is how I speak up.

Jean talked about looking up to a babysitter and the older kids at school in terms of fashion. I can also relate to this. I looked up to my brother’s girlfriend and her friends when I was in junior high and hoped that in high school I would look as cool as them.

I wasn’t surprised by any of the videos. I could relate to everyone on some level. I guess the biggest difference between me and my peers is that, even though fashion was on my radar in middle school, it wasn’t until I was about to go into high school when I had that “moment.” With my fashion moment, I was more concerned with creating a totally different perspective of myself because I wanted people to think of me as something other than quiet and shy. I wanted people to like me and fit in, but I didn’t want to dress exactly like my peers.

Every person, regardless if they are interested in fashion or not, has a moment in their life when fashion and clothing are of some importance to them. I find that moments of transition (like hitting puberty in middle school or going into high school) are when people start to think about fashion and other things that can change their perception of themselves as well as other people’s perception of them.


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