First Fashion Moment: Ali

After watching and listening to these four videos, I realized that we all can have our first fashion moments at different periods in our lives. One big thing that my moment had in common with the others is that we all realized how important fashion was at quite a young age. Allyson, Briana and I realized this in middle school. All was the one out of all of us who had her realization at the youngest age while Andrea was around 7 or 8. Another thing that we all had in common was knowing what was in style at the time and either choosing to go with that or stray away from it.There are many similarities in our stories and many differences as well.

Alla mentions how she loved Cinderella and Princess Diana’s beautiful elegant dresses. So much so that she would rummage through her mothers sewing box (something that was also kept in my house) and try to put little outfits together for her dolls and stuffed animals. When I was younger (and even now) have always admired Disney Princesses, not only for their fashion but for the stories that they were associated with. Alla also mentions how she saw Britney Spears as a fashion icon, something that I believe most 90’s females can define with. I used to love Britney Spears but actually thought of Avril Lavigne as my style icon. She also says how she became in charge of what she wanted to wear at a young age and that her mother could no longer take control in what she wore. The same thing happened to me, just at a bit of an older age. Additionally, she wanted to dress in a way that was not how everyone else was. This is something that I really admire and think is a great way to really own one’s style.

Allyson was like me and had her fashion moment in middle school. She mentions how Hollister and Abercrombie were the hot stores to shop at, something that I remember. She had a different story in where she talks about how she was heavy set during those years. She remembered how these “trendy” clothes didn’t fit her body and didn’t look right. I think that she pointed out something very important here. Those stores are known for making smaller clothing. It seems to speak even louder that middle schoolers were shoving themselves into these tiny clothes at such a young age. It just seems in appropriate that such a style should be popular among such a young crowd. Allyson then goes into explaining how her and her mother found themselves at American Eagle where the same style shirt fit her well and she ended up buying them. Although this was the case she felt as if her peers thought of her as a fraud for not getting the “right” brand. She was just trying to fit in and go along with what everyone else was wearing but couldn’t.

Andrea had her moment at a younger age around 7 or 8. She explains how she asked her mother to do her hair for school because she wasn’t sure what to do with it. She says how she went to a catholic school and had to wear a uniform so she wasn’t in control of what she could wear. I also went to a catholic school just at a younger age. I remember that I had to wear a similar jumper to the one that she described. She realized that although she couldn’t control what she was wearing, she could control what to do with her hair which could shape her whole appearance. After this she began to do her hair every day. I liked her story because it didn’t so much revolve around fashion as it did an overall look. I think that we forget that fashion is not only the clothes that we wear, but other factors of our appearance that pull the whole thing together.

Briana had a similar story to Allyson about being in middle school and knowing the hot stores were Abercrombie and Hollister. She also mentions a pair of brown suede Puma sneakers that she was absolutely in love with. She explains that although she loved these shoes and thought they were fashionable, her friends did not feel the same way. Her friends would tease her because her shoes weren’t like the ones she was wearing. These stories go hand in hand as they show middle schoolers wearing different styles from others and being picked on because of that.

I don’t think that anything from these stories really surprised me, but I did enjoy listening to them. It was very interesting to hear everyone’s personal stories and see where there interest and realization of the importance of fashion came into their lives. I can relate to all of their stories on some level and yet they are all different. I think that is something to keep in the back of my head when it comes to working in fashion. What this means is that we all see the world differently, especially the world of fashion. Some of us realized fashions importance sooner than others, but still share similar experiences. It all depends on such a wide range of factors. The type of school that you went to public vs private and whether or not you had to wear a uniform can have an impact on the time that you came to your fashion realization. Whether or not you chose to go along with what everyone else is wearing and thinks is cool is a personal decision. You can just go along with it or be fearless and do whatever you want. Something like that can also be a result of your age. When you’re really young you want to stand out more. When you get to middle school and high school, fitting in becomes more important. As you get older things like that start to have less of an impact on you and are not as important. Fashion is different to different people. That’s why there is such variety in what is considered to be fashion around the world. Fashion is also not just what you wear, but your whole appearance and presence.


2 thoughts on “First Fashion Moment: Ali

  1. I agree with you on the “as you get older things start to have less of an impact” statement. I remember in high school I placed a lot of importance on designers and decided that you could only be “fashionable” if you wore certain labels. As I’ve gotten older that sentiment has changed. I don’t care about the label as much as I do about the quality of the item.

  2. Hey Ali,
    Like Elizabeth, I liked your comments from the end of your last paragraph. It’s interesting the general evolution of fashion that most people experience. When you are very young you want to be different because institutions have not scared you away from doing so yet. However, when we start to develop and get and idea of the world, then most want to do everything in their power to fit in, but after this period is a period of bliss. I don’t really care what others thing about my fashion choices. Everyone has their own ideas of fashion,and many like myself do not care what others think and thus, there is such diversity in fashion. None of this negates the importance though.

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